Is 40 the new 20?

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After watching the GOAT Tom Brady in the Super Bowl I couldn’t help thinking he is at the top of his game right now at 42. I was always told 30 was the new 20, but Im beginning to think 40 the new 20. You think life is great when your 20, then life gets better when your 30 and if things only get better what’s the plateau?
Your 20’s you really get to know yourself, like all of you, you learn your preferences, and your triggers. In your 30’s you are in super self aware mode and have figured things out what’s important to you. and I gather your 40’s is when you flourish the most (without all the body aches and hospital trips).
I mean have you seen how JLo ages? Backwards and she’s 51! Halle Berry, they all age backwards but maybe the cheat code is just getting to that age.
I’m not quit 40 yet and am about to settle into my late 20’s. However some of my best friends are. Their kids are all grown and out of the house, they all have these fancy houses with pottery barn decor, their careers are set, their taking trips with cute outfits getting surgery’s just overall living life. As someone headed for their 40’s this is extremely exciting information. Most people make you feel like your life is on a downward spiral until you one day pass away. It’s great to find out we age like wine getting better with time. So keep living if this year is bad guess what, you learned! Learning about ourselves and how we can navigate through your lives. Don’t get down, you get better! Enjoy where you are in your life and trust the process.

Get a Job Or.. Wait it out? The COVID Job Struggle

A lot of us are in limbo right now; what do we do? With the most unforseen event in the last 100 years COVID has put us in a pickle. Do we wait the pandemic out or get a new job. Which probably entails – cutting off your reliable unemployment (Hopefully its not exhausted), a 3 hour application process, 1-2 hours of interviews, a week of training, a month of working “their” schedule before you can say anything, 6 months without insurance or paid time off, and so on all while not even knowing if your going to have your job in the next few months because everything is so up and down.

Even though it feels like the vaccine is on the horizon, arent we in the age group that wont get it for 2-3 years? WHAT DO WE DO? Heres some helpful hints for what to do.

To Get a New Job:

Tip 1: Resume, I am not going to fool you with the details that you should know, I’m going to tell you what I didnt know until recently.

Elaborate on what you do

EX: if you are a manager – one of your skills should be that you manage whatever number of associates you have. If you do P & L one of your skills should be increasing the margins. If you dont know what P & L is you dont do it so dont worry about it.

Tip 2: Craigslist – I always find good jobs, but make sure to do your homework. It takes 2 seconds to google a company.

Tip 3: Try a new field of work. Some fields will be dead for a while, Restaurants, lounges, bars, try going into retail same customer service and if its high end you get commission aka tips. I call it a concierge for clothing.

Tip 4: Should you take a less paying job?

You should ask yourself these questions: Do I have kids; Do I have debt; How much do I owe monthly; Does my unemployment cover costs without stimulus; Kids daycare costs Vs You; Is anyone close to me vulnerable to the virus? Do I want to move in with my parents? Do I want to? Can I take care of myself? I think those will answer the question. We are all in different places, be honest about where you are so you can figure out where u want to go.

Tip 5: LinkedIn- Just so you know, a lot of people use this as a dating website. I got trapped several times thinking i thought this was a job website but they do have the best job listings.

To Stay Home:

Tip 6: Start your own business – everyone is doing it! Getting a license may be difficult depending on how shut down your state government is! If your a home make clean freak, why not start a maid or lawn service, mobile car wash! Working on your own schedule is nice!

Tip 7: Stay at home if you can – Make sure to stay sane! Start a hobby, plenty of hobbies you can do while sitting on your bum. Dont waste the time, even if its by entering Xbox competitions or finding hot new items on Etsy. Millennials can make a rainbow out of a poop emoji we most can figure out a way to stay busy for a year or 2.

Tip 8: Work from Home!! Im hearing this is possible, haven’t seen it done yet.

Push through Millennials we have been through it all! We can do it! We are the most resilient group of people, we are changing the world one day at a time, lets not become the heathens we want to because “they” aren’t taking care of us and passing a stimulus.