Get a Job Or.. Wait it out? The COVID Job Struggle

A lot of us are in limbo right now; what do we do? With the most unforseen event in the last 100 years COVID has put us in a pickle. Do we wait the pandemic out or get a new job. Which probably entails – cutting off your reliable unemployment (Hopefully its not exhausted), a 3 hour application process, 1-2 hours of interviews, a week of training, a month of working “their” schedule before you can say anything, 6 months without insurance or paid time off, and so on all while not even knowing if your going to have your job in the next few months because everything is so up and down.

Even though it feels like the vaccine is on the horizon, arent we in the age group that wont get it for 2-3 years? WHAT DO WE DO? Heres some helpful hints for what to do.

To Get a New Job:

Tip 1: Resume, I am not going to fool you with the details that you should know, I’m going to tell you what I didnt know until recently.

Elaborate on what you do

EX: if you are a manager – one of your skills should be that you manage whatever number of associates you have. If you do P & L one of your skills should be increasing the margins. If you dont know what P & L is you dont do it so dont worry about it.

Tip 2: Craigslist – I always find good jobs, but make sure to do your homework. It takes 2 seconds to google a company.

Tip 3: Try a new field of work. Some fields will be dead for a while, Restaurants, lounges, bars, try going into retail same customer service and if its high end you get commission aka tips. I call it a concierge for clothing.

Tip 4: Should you take a less paying job?

You should ask yourself these questions: Do I have kids; Do I have debt; How much do I owe monthly; Does my unemployment cover costs without stimulus; Kids daycare costs Vs You; Is anyone close to me vulnerable to the virus? Do I want to move in with my parents? Do I want to? Can I take care of myself? I think those will answer the question. We are all in different places, be honest about where you are so you can figure out where u want to go.

Tip 5: LinkedIn- Just so you know, a lot of people use this as a dating website. I got trapped several times thinking i thought this was a job website but they do have the best job listings.

To Stay Home:

Tip 6: Start your own business – everyone is doing it! Getting a license may be difficult depending on how shut down your state government is! If your a home make clean freak, why not start a maid or lawn service, mobile car wash! Working on your own schedule is nice!

Tip 7: Stay at home if you can – Make sure to stay sane! Start a hobby, plenty of hobbies you can do while sitting on your bum. Dont waste the time, even if its by entering Xbox competitions or finding hot new items on Etsy. Millennials can make a rainbow out of a poop emoji we most can figure out a way to stay busy for a year or 2.

Tip 8: Work from Home!! Im hearing this is possible, haven’t seen it done yet.

Push through Millennials we have been through it all! We can do it! We are the most resilient group of people, we are changing the world one day at a time, lets not become the heathens we want to because “they” aren’t taking care of us and passing a stimulus.

Things to do in Vegas for Christmas

Bellagio Gardens: It is always beautiful but probably pretty hard to socially distance considering the area size is kind small and a lot of people go to see it. Worth it! Especially for a great snapshot.

Cosmo Ice Rink: Not sure how they do this with social distancing all I know is they are doing it. Probably hard to socially distance but they have great fire pits. You can make s’mores or at least you could before covid.

Ethel M’s: I hesitate to even mention them because they are all booked up reservations only.

Racetrack: What a perfect way to social distance and have some holiday fun!

Area 15: Visit there winter “wanderland” akes place Nov 27 – Dec 3 for all sorts of entewractive immersive fun filled holiday surprises and activities.

The Sand Dollar Christmas Pop Up Bar: This is brilliant, considering it’s just a bar with Christmas decorations. It’s very cute! The drinks are amazing, it is a bar so you might have to put some elbow in when your trying to order. Service is great, people are friendly and fun! Do it!

Santa Baby Pop Up Bar Tivoli Village: Ornament making, Staggered appointment, wall to wall Christmas decoration, drinks, so I guess make a reservation. Entry does cost.

Are Vegas Nightclubs Open during the Pandemic?

The nightlife has changed in Las Vegas substantially. What people will soon describe as the good old days when clubs had dance floors and you could just wait in line to get inside things are very, very different. Currently the nightclubs are set up as lounges, where you can have up to six guests at each table and there is a minimum. At best you could get a no-limit minimum and at worst 1,000 minimum. Its still worth it to do bottle service if you have a group of 4 or more. I like XS for Thursdays (located at Wynn) its also indoor, outdoor. Our suggestion is to find a great host! Our host can be found at and if you have any questions feel free to hit us up.

Photo by Mark Angelo on

Vegas and COVID-19, Hows it Going so Far?

Whats Open in Vegas, whats not, what to do since the Rona

Whats NOT Open in the hotels/casinos: No In Room Dining; No Buffets (Might be gone forever);

Whats Open at Hotels/Casinos: Some restaurants with weird hours (Service was just ok); No concierge services; Pools are open! Table Games Open! Some shows have just started to open in MGM and Absinthe. Surprisingly the club was very socially distance, they end up being more like lounges where u can only be around 6 people, but if your looking to dance this ain’t it.

Photo by Javon Swaby on

If your not Scared: Freemont Street!

Things to do if your not Scared: Top Golf, Pools, Brewery, Bellagio Gardens.

If your scared: Wynn or Sahara (SLS) – Very socially distant; sanitized; just overall seemed to be invested in noone getting sick.

Things to do if your scared: Boulder Beach, Jet Skis, ATV Rentals, Gilcrease Orchard (Seasonal), Ethel M’s (Reservation Only), Amazing Parks/Places to hike.

If your looking for a deal: Book during the middle of the week – its dead the deals are killer.

If you want to blow some money for Brunch: Wynn Terrance Cafe Fabulously Fancy; yet id give it $$$ out of $$$$$. Best service in town!

If you want to blow some money on celebrity Chefs: Giada’s & Gordon Ramsey’s is open.

Whats New: Circa; Its pretty a mix of the Cosmo and the Bellagio

Step by Step Virtual Bridal Shower

Step 1: Pick a date and time.

Step 2: Pick a theme. My theme – Final Fiesta; Suggestions: Final Flamingo, Palm Springs, Sailing into Marriage;

Step 3: Guest List – all invites addresses; Suggestions: Make sure to send first invitation a month ahead of time.


Step 4: Invitations Sugestions: I used – i loved the way the invite turned out. I included hand cut confetti to go with the theme. Make sure to have a date where they RSVP.

Step 5: Gather party favors for guests and Bride. It is important to make guests feel like they are together. Make sure the Bridal Package is special. Heres what mine looked like.

Bridal Package
  • Bridal Tea (Marshalls), Moracca, Colorful Mustache, disposable straw, (4) Games, Marker for Games, Bridal Bingo Pieces, Hand Cut Confetti Bridal Bag: (All of the above) White Bridal Authentic Mexican Hand Woven Shirt; Bridal Crown.

Step 6: Choose some Bridal games and activities. Suggestions: Bridal Bingo; What was the Brides Age; He Said, She Said; Who knows the couple best. I made mine but target has some you can buy.

Step : Set Up the Video Call

Step 7: Make an itenary. Write out an itenerary of bridal games and activities. What game is first; second; also include a “table of contents” for what will be in each package, with a quick introduction to what you will be doing etc.

Step : Mail each package; cost me about $21 for 15 guests

Step : Use your props from your package, go through the itenerary; keep in under an hr thirty minutes.