Things to do in Vegas for Christmas

Bellagio Gardens: It is always beautiful but probably pretty hard to socially distance considering the area size is kind small and a lot of people go to see it. Worth it! Especially for a great snapshot.

Cosmo Ice Rink: Not sure how they do this with social distancing all I know is they are doing it. Probably hard to socially distance but they have great fire pits. You can make s’mores or at least you could before covid.

Ethel M’s: I hesitate to even mention them because they are all booked up reservations only.

Racetrack: What a perfect way to social distance and have some holiday fun!

Area 15: Visit there winter “wanderland” akes place Nov 27 – Dec 3 for all sorts of entewractive immersive fun filled holiday surprises and activities.

The Sand Dollar Christmas Pop Up Bar: This is brilliant, considering it’s just a bar with Christmas decorations. It’s very cute! The drinks are amazing, it is a bar so you might have to put some elbow in when your trying to order. Service is great, people are friendly and fun! Do it!

Santa Baby Pop Up Bar Tivoli Village: Ornament making, Staggered appointment, wall to wall Christmas decoration, drinks, so I guess make a reservation. Entry does cost.

The way your bank account set up…Christmas finds!

Here’s some Christmas ideas everyone will love and that’s on everyone’s Black Friday sale.

  1. Air fryer (Macys) – they have a ton of different ones at all different prices starting at $19.99 if ur a real cook I wouldn’t go cheap because everyone swears by them!
  2. slippers and/or pjs (Nordstrom rack) – they have the absolute best designs without being to childish if you catch my drift. They also have these pink Steve Madden criss cross fuzzy slippers.
  3. Xbox controllers (Kohl’s) – best price plus the kohl’s cash! And who are we kidding everyone is a gamer now a days.
  4. puzzles (paper source)- I went with a vintage Christmas puzzle, kept it festive.
  5. heated blanket (macys) – the sunbeam one seems to be the best deal and the best rated
  6. iPhone charger (Best Buy) – no one ever thinks of it but one of the best gifts! I went with the fuzzy Best Buy version.
  7. gingerbread house (Michaels) – a great gift for the host or hostess suggest breaking it out as an activity while waiting for dinner. Bottles of wines are great but u don’t wanna offend anyone try this gift instead!
  8. christmas conversation cards (paper source) – also a great gift to an awesome host/hostess that is always looking for something fun to do with guests.
  9. masterclass – get your loved one an experience instead of something they will never use. I suggest the Gordon Ramsey but there are a ton to choose from have fun!!!!
  10. Lemon Tree (Home Depot or Lowe’s) – perfect idea for anyone!