3 Things to take your air fryer to the next level

Here are some tips on a way to make your amazing air fryer even more amazing. These few inexpensive things will save you time and give you all the deliciousness your used too.

Pam EVOO Cooking Oil Spray (coconut oil/vegetable also available) – if you fry a lot of items in your airfryer you know you have to spray oil generously in order to get the best crisp. This spray bottle makes is soooo easy. Just $4.99 in your local grocery store it’s a must have and then just buy EVOO (or your prefered oil) and refill.

Air fryer Parchment Paper – if the air fryer wasn’t already easy enough, the ultimate in no stick easy clean up. You can find this on Amazon, it fits perfectly in the airfare and has holes for the heat to go through. This is a must have!!!

Grease Dripping container – Even if the air fryer doesn’t have that much grease use this little contraption to store it. It’s perfect and then in the shape of the pig, find it on Amazon.