Things to do in Vegas for Christmas

Bellagio Gardens: It is always beautiful but probably pretty hard to socially distance considering the area size is kind small and a lot of people go to see it. Worth it! Especially for a great snapshot.

Cosmo Ice Rink: Not sure how they do this with social distancing all I know is they are doing it. Probably hard to socially distance but they have great fire pits. You can make s’mores or at least you could before covid.

Ethel M’s: I hesitate to even mention them because they are all booked up reservations only.

Racetrack: What a perfect way to social distance and have some holiday fun!

Area 15: Visit there winter “wanderland” akes place Nov 27 – Dec 3 for all sorts of entewractive immersive fun filled holiday surprises and activities.

The Sand Dollar Christmas Pop Up Bar: This is brilliant, considering it’s just a bar with Christmas decorations. It’s very cute! The drinks are amazing, it is a bar so you might have to put some elbow in when your trying to order. Service is great, people are friendly and fun! Do it!

Santa Baby Pop Up Bar Tivoli Village: Ornament making, Staggered appointment, wall to wall Christmas decoration, drinks, so I guess make a reservation. Entry does cost.

Gucci Mane Vs. Jeezy

So we are here for it! Take us back to the 2000 when all we thought was gonna happen was the end of the world… Verzus out did themselves with this one. If you don’t know the back story here it is:

After recording So Icy together Young Jeezy allegedly sent his friend to go kill Gucci Mane – now there are other stories I heard it was about a girl and Jeezy wasn’t involved and i watched a murder ID about it and it said he was cleared but this is how the story goes allegedly. Gucci Mane killed Jeezys friend and got off with a self defense charge. Yes he later went to jail for parole violations etc.

first! I loved Gucci’s energy if Jeezy really did that I bet he feels lucky as heck! And a millionaire. Second.. Jeezy won however I question it… 2 cds was all he played and how can you meet up with someone that killed your friend? That’s a sell out move… not enough money in the world! So thirdly Gucci won cuz he’s the realest in it and that was obvious! It was a battle they were suppose to talk crap as for who was the better man… Gucci mane wins that battle hands down. Marrying some girl from the view and buying real estate won’t change that.

The way your bank account set up…Christmas finds!

Here’s some Christmas ideas everyone will love and that’s on everyone’s Black Friday sale.

  1. Air fryer (Macys) – they have a ton of different ones at all different prices starting at $19.99 if ur a real cook I wouldn’t go cheap because everyone swears by them!
  2. slippers and/or pjs (Nordstrom rack) – they have the absolute best designs without being to childish if you catch my drift. They also have these pink Steve Madden criss cross fuzzy slippers.
  3. Xbox controllers (Kohl’s) – best price plus the kohl’s cash! And who are we kidding everyone is a gamer now a days.
  4. puzzles (paper source)- I went with a vintage Christmas puzzle, kept it festive.
  5. heated blanket (macys) – the sunbeam one seems to be the best deal and the best rated
  6. iPhone charger (Best Buy) – no one ever thinks of it but one of the best gifts! I went with the fuzzy Best Buy version.
  7. gingerbread house (Michaels) – a great gift for the host or hostess suggest breaking it out as an activity while waiting for dinner. Bottles of wines are great but u don’t wanna offend anyone try this gift instead!
  8. christmas conversation cards (paper source) – also a great gift to an awesome host/hostess that is always looking for something fun to do with guests.
  9. masterclass – get your loved one an experience instead of something they will never use. I suggest the Gordon Ramsey but there are a ton to choose from have fun!!!!
  10. Lemon Tree (Home Depot or Lowe’s) – perfect idea for anyone!

What to do at home if we shut down again.

here are some things to do in case we shut down again:

  1. Read a book! If your looking for a fun good read try Gucci Mane’s new book, easy read and it’s very interesting.
  2. learn how to cook a new recipe. Go on Pinterest and learn to cook a recipe of something you have in your fridge. Take inventory first. Chop everything early so other ppl can help without getting in the way.
  3. learn a dance routine. There are tons of dance programs online right now. Learn some hip hop or salsa something fun!
  4. Yoga! Take an at home yoga class. So calming and relaxing no yoga Matt needed you can use a towel.
  5. Back to school! Go back to school online of course. So much to learn don’t let anything stop you!
  6. gardening. Plant some shrubs, even if you only have a patio. If you can’t keep anything alive try a cactus or succulent that you basically have to try to kill.
  7. Picnic. Go outside and have a picnic. U can make the sandwiches or buy some from subway. Get a bottle of Stella Rosa my fav wine and enjoy some bae time with ur special bae.
  8. Lake. Lake trip! So much fun! I suggest buying a small boat or something to actually do on the water. Also good to have foldable chairs, canopy, ice chest, and grill.
  9. Make cocktails. Learn how to make a cocktail. Such a fun date night!
  10. Don’t get down on yourself if you do nothing. If you been working all your life you deserve it!!
    enjoy! If you can think of anything else let us know!!!

DIY Halloween Dog Costume

Those dog costumes are so expensive! So I decided to find a cheaper way to try and get my dog in a costume. I went with a taco so here it is-
STEP 1: Get (2) tan, red and green felt. Tan for the taco shell, red for tomatoes or salsa and green for lettuce.
STEP 2: cut tan felt into a taco shell shape. Or a square with curved corners.
STEP 3: cut the red piece into a wave.

STEP 4: cut the green pieces into zig zags.

STEP 5: layer the pieces.
STEP 6: stuff the taco shell with old crumbled papers.

Sew it together I sewed a ribbon To connect them here’s the final product. All in all $3.00

Exploring Vegas

Hot Springs: Alkali Hot Springs is the closest but there are a ton to choose from. Some are hard to get to but this one is relatively easy and relaxing.

Boulder Beach: On the coast of Lake Mead, a man made beach great for most of the year! You can take your dog to a portion of the park; grill, camp and rent accommodations. Be prepared to back your car up into a rocky beach. You can also rent boats/jet ski’s, grab something to eat and drink at the restaurant.

Lake Las Vegas: Beautiful sights along the man made lake. Outdoor dining, light shopping along with lake activities like kayaking and paddle boating. There is a Hilton and Westin with decent restaurants inside.

Mission Hills Trail: Almost into Boulder City there is a trail called mission hills trail that you can walk, bring your animals, park in the parking lot and head on your way. Lots of traffic at this spot great place to meet up with a group.

Boulder City: Historic Boulder City is a must. The Pit Stop has the ultimate burger for any traveler, I suggest getting the turkey burger with sautéed mushrooms and fries. If your into breakfast you can go to the Tea Cup – a restaurant featured on the Food Networks Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Do some antiquing and then head back home.

Bars & Restaurants

Golden Tiki: Dive bar, but awesome drinks and a good atmosphere. Very different from the strip.

American Italian Club: Such a great atmosphere for dinner. You should dress up when going here. its the perfect old school place to have a wonderful dinner.

Gamers Paradise: This is actually a store, with old video games in it. Its really fun to look into the past if you get a chance might as well.

Hugos Cellar: Wonderful and expensive. Worth it if you hit a casino for an extra $200.

Are Vegas Nightclubs Open during the Pandemic?

The nightlife has changed in Las Vegas substantially. What people will soon describe as the good old days when clubs had dance floors and you could just wait in line to get inside things are very, very different. Currently the nightclubs are set up as lounges, where you can have up to six guests at each table and there is a minimum. At best you could get a no-limit minimum and at worst 1,000 minimum. Its still worth it to do bottle service if you have a group of 4 or more. I like XS for Thursdays (located at Wynn) its also indoor, outdoor. Our suggestion is to find a great host! Our host can be found at and if you have any questions feel free to hit us up.

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Things to do in Vegas on Thanksgiving

Gilcrease Orchard – local farm, try the apple cider!

Drive in Movie – how can you go wrong? Weather is perfect around this time.

Mt Charleston – go site see and then eat at the cafe when you get to the top. they have a great place for pictures, very IG worthy.

Laughlin – they have casinos too.. try a staycation.

Worth it Restaurants Over $100 – Giving you views and great food!

Bazaar Meats $95 (SLS/Sahara); Allegro (Wynn); Bouchon Bistro (Venetian); Eifel Tower $89 (Paris); Lakeside $81 (Wynn)

Worth it Restaurants Under $100- Great Food Reasonable Priced and Great atmospheres.

Lawry’s (Off the Strip); Buddy V’s $45 (Venetian); Capital Grille $45 (Fashion Show Mall); Jardin $61 (Wynn); Mon Ami Gabi $50 (Paris); Oscar’s $65 (Off the Strip)

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Vegas and COVID-19, Hows it Going so Far?

Whats Open in Vegas, whats not, what to do since the Rona

Whats NOT Open in the hotels/casinos: No In Room Dining; No Buffets (Might be gone forever);

Whats Open at Hotels/Casinos: Some restaurants with weird hours (Service was just ok); No concierge services; Pools are open! Table Games Open! Some shows have just started to open in MGM and Absinthe. Surprisingly the club was very socially distance, they end up being more like lounges where u can only be around 6 people, but if your looking to dance this ain’t it.

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If your not Scared: Freemont Street!

Things to do if your not Scared: Top Golf, Pools, Brewery, Bellagio Gardens.

If your scared: Wynn or Sahara (SLS) – Very socially distant; sanitized; just overall seemed to be invested in noone getting sick.

Things to do if your scared: Boulder Beach, Jet Skis, ATV Rentals, Gilcrease Orchard (Seasonal), Ethel M’s (Reservation Only), Amazing Parks/Places to hike.

If your looking for a deal: Book during the middle of the week – its dead the deals are killer.

If you want to blow some money for Brunch: Wynn Terrance Cafe Fabulously Fancy; yet id give it $$$ out of $$$$$. Best service in town!

If you want to blow some money on celebrity Chefs: Giada’s & Gordon Ramsey’s is open.

Whats New: Circa; Its pretty a mix of the Cosmo and the Bellagio

Step by Step Virtual Bridal Shower

Step 1: Pick a date and time.

Step 2: Pick a theme. My theme – Final Fiesta; Suggestions: Final Flamingo, Palm Springs, Sailing into Marriage;

Step 3: Guest List – all invites addresses; Suggestions: Make sure to send first invitation a month ahead of time.


Step 4: Invitations Sugestions: I used – i loved the way the invite turned out. I included hand cut confetti to go with the theme. Make sure to have a date where they RSVP.

Step 5: Gather party favors for guests and Bride. It is important to make guests feel like they are together. Make sure the Bridal Package is special. Heres what mine looked like.

Bridal Package
  • Bridal Tea (Marshalls), Moracca, Colorful Mustache, disposable straw, (4) Games, Marker for Games, Bridal Bingo Pieces, Hand Cut Confetti Bridal Bag: (All of the above) White Bridal Authentic Mexican Hand Woven Shirt; Bridal Crown.

Step 6: Choose some Bridal games and activities. Suggestions: Bridal Bingo; What was the Brides Age; He Said, She Said; Who knows the couple best. I made mine but target has some you can buy.

Step : Set Up the Video Call

Step 7: Make an itenary. Write out an itenerary of bridal games and activities. What game is first; second; also include a “table of contents” for what will be in each package, with a quick introduction to what you will be doing etc.

Step : Mail each package; cost me about $21 for 15 guests

Step : Use your props from your package, go through the itenerary; keep in under an hr thirty minutes.