Valentines Day for the Quarantine Couple

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We have been stuck together for 9 months, now its Valentines day; Great! I know we are tired of seeing each other but heres some ways to kill the monotony for a couple that has been stuck together and now must endure Valentines Day.

Take a StayCation. I cant express this enough, get out of the house. You would be surprised at the difference some new scenery will make in your relationship. Hotel prices are low this is the perfect time; you can also upgrade for about $50 more to make the evening more special. Remember to always ask for an upgrade when you are checking in at your hotel.

Take a bath. Grab your honey bunny and de-stress with one of the oldest tricks in the book. To make it special grab a single rose ($7) and place the petals in the water. Grab an essential oil like Lavender ($10) put 5 drops in the water. Run a bath for your partner or do it together.

Utilize your outdoor living. Just being outside will make you feel more together. BBQ and have a picnic if you can and if you cant, bring some hot cocoa and baked goods, to head on a crisp walk. The outdoors is a great way to spend a Valentines day.

Don’t forget the chocolate. It isn’t Valentines day if theres no chocolate, grab the Godiva, do something fun like melt chocolate and dip fruit into it for a fun way to do something together thats easy and yummy! Another fun and easy idea is to make rice krispie treats and dip in chocolate, Yum Yum!

Grab a fancy dinner to go. Who wants to cook on Valentine’s Day?? Head out to some place fancy like Lawry’s they have a $65 per person Lobster & Prime Rib (or Salmon) dinner to go and enjoy your time together. If thats to pricey no worries, Applebee’s has two for $25, so easy and so thoughtful. Easy clean up, I suggest you splurge on dessert.

Movie Night. Grab a movie, popcorn, and Craisins or whatever your favorite movies snacks are. If you want to go all out you can buy the actual movie popcorn boxes from amazon for cheap. Make sure you set the mood, with tea lights and a completely dark room.

Good luck making Valentines day not just another day in the pandemic! Enjoy your partners! and Stay open to your blessings.

Millennial Dating in Quarantine

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As if it wasn’t hard enough to date as a millennial, now in quarantine its so much harder. As Millennials, we are not tied to the standard timeline of our parents, we are waiting longer to get married and have children, but to wait until after the never ending quarantine seems impossible. Heres some positives and easy ways to find your “lobster” during this pandemic.

If you want to date, date. If your uncomfortable being in person with people use social media. Everyone knows someone that has gotten married from a dating site. Download them all don’t let the world make you feel thirsty, we have the time to right now to actually meticulously look for your perfect match.

Do not be afraid to make the first move. If you find someones personality stimulating on Twitter, why not take your shot you miss 90% of the shots you don’t take. Have confidence, know what you have to offer and be available and open to your blessings. If he/she swipes right or slides in your DM’s. Give them a chance. What do you have to lose. Maybe you wont fall in love with that person but that person can connect you with someone you will.

Social distancing can be good for a relationship in many ways. If you have just started dating it gives you a great chance to get to know one another. It feels more like in middle school, when you would fall asleep on the phone together or argue about who should hang up first. You don’t have to get NS-17 with anything just really get to know someone on an emotional level.

With the future so uncertain it is hard to begin something new or even want to, however this is the perfect time to start a relationship in my opinion. Now is a chance to understand what is important to someone. Are they out every night with no mask and partying, and is that what you want? Or are they at there parents being safe and learning to cook, is that what you want? What do you want for your future. Finding someone with similar values as you is easier in a pandemic because you are more apt to discuss things of that nature.

Its a true test of love, but don’t get down and keep your eyes open for your blessings!

2021 Blues Already

Just ignore the negative vibes that are out here and lets continue to try and get these Resolutions accomplished. Here are some tips on how to make sure you actually start and complete your news years resolutions!

Tip 1 – Dont make the resolution to unattainable. If your goal is to workout, start with a walk.

Tip 2 – Get an Agenda. Organization is a way to keep the anxiety at bay. Get a paper journal or just tell Alexa.

Tip 3 – Turn off the News. Basically we are all sick of it. Its to much! Cant take it! Make sure to continue to get your google updates or whatever have you in case something really goes down but other than that. TURN THAT JUNK OFF!

Tip 4 – Social Media pause. Take a week off from peering into other peoples lives and sometimes not feeling so great about your own. Take some time off, to appreciate your life and actually live it.

Tip 5 – Donate your time. Do some charity, even if its with your family. Especially if it is with your family. Hang out with your little cousin, take out your aunties trash and bring her a donate. Or go to your local dog shelter and sit with dogs; drop food off, there are a million ways to help. Healing starts from within!

Good luck this year surviving the Blues!

Quarantine Valentines Day Gifts for Men or Women

Every year I go crazy trying to find something special and unique for Valentines Day to gift to my other half. This year I have decided to put a few things together to quench all my Valentine’s Day thirsts. I’ll give you a Budget version for those of us who still don’t have a job yet and an option to buy everything you need. Gifts are both for women and men, have fun and happy Valentines Day!

  1. Shower Steamers: You can buy these cuties at PaperSource $14. Even men like the shower to smell like a heavenly spa. Budget Version, make your own, use Lemon & Eucalyptus for a manly scent he will love! Cost is approximately $10.

2. Bar Soap: If your man is anything like mine he refuses to use liquid soap. Duke Cannon has amazingly fun scents for men like – smells like productivity, smells like accomplishment, smells like victory, and big ass bourbon soap. You can find them at Ulta for $8. Budget version make your own, you use the similar ingredients as the shower bomb.

3. Dollar Store Valentines Games: Do something different we all know yall been in the house together the entire quarantine. Grab some small valentine dice and actually use them this year; see fuzzy handcuffs, grab them! Throw them in the box. Want to go further – decorate his door go crazy! Its not always about spending the most money, sometimes its just about making the person feel special even a little embarrassed if need be.

4. Switch your look up: This one is free. Get a wig or if you have been in sweatpants, no matter how cute they are, get your red carpet on and when he comes home or gets out of the shower surprise him with someone new. Not that he’s sick of you or anything just saying this is fun, even if you have more of a comedic relationship than sensual you both will get a good laugh.

5. Hanky Panky Panty Rose: A tad bit expensive at $29.95, but what a cute idea!! They come in 3 different colors and are stretchy lace. One issue is it says one size fits most, but still an awesomely cute gift for your lady.

6. Picture blanket – I have used other sites but i really love this one! They have great coupons especially for your first time. Speedy service, great communication, they send tons of emails before and after you receive shipment. I suggest getting cozy fleece, so you and your significant other can cozy up! If they are a traveler get a small one so they can use it with them when they go.

7. Touch Bracelet: For the long distant relationship you can get these shnazzy bracelets that when you touch them they light up, so the other person will know your thinking about them. Very cost affective, $8 at

8. Adrenaline Promotions: I live in Vegas so everyone loves to ride road bicycles, I found this place on Amazon, and wish I had found it sooner. It has the best college team cycling jerseys! Not only that they have states ect, I just love their jerseys. I intend to order one soon so cant speak on quality, just know if your other half is a cyclist and a super fan, they got you! They are quite expensive but I have yet to find anything like it anywhere else.

2021 Got Me Like

2020 may have been one of the weirdest years ever! Heading into 2021, lets do some things different! Lets be realistic with our resolutions this year. When we say we are going to workout everyday lets be realistic and count walking as working out. Walking your dog is exercise and dont you forget it! Lets not get to down on ourselves, we all have experienced a year that was completely out of our control. Lets stay realistic for the new year to come. If you want to be healthier this year instead of cutting out carbs and sugars, lets start by not drinking soda, or changing our daily cinnamon dolce latte to a green tea (better yet lets find a good tasting green tea!). Lets do things like attend school just because we have the time, get another degree…maybe now you are eligible for FASFA.

Circumstances have changed since the shut down, dont forget that.. lets stop thinking the pandemic will end tomorrow and start thinking about what you can do with your new circumstances. Like I said lets use this year to not get down on ourselves, we can build! Take this year to ignore the instagram fabulous and just do you. Something makes you special find that. Now that we know jobs, life and money are fleeting lets work on ourselves.

Heres to 2021! CHEERS!

Things to do at home for NYE

Heres some cool things to do at home for NYE safely social distanced and COVID free!

1 – Make a Charcuterie & Watch a Television Celebration. I am geared towards Carson Daily’s but pick your poison plenty of things on tv to watch. A charcuterie is a fun way to have an appetizer. Place an assorted amount of cheeses, meats, grapes, apples, peanuts, and crackers on your middle table in your living room and hang out!

2- Dont forget the Champagne & Party favors! DO IT! This is what we have all been waiting for, head to your local grocery store and grab some festive glasses and party hats. Dont forget the champagne for midnight with your sweetheart or yourself.

3- Make Chocolate covered strawberries. These are so easy and so fun to make, grab your favorite chocolate dip from any store, and if you dont want to do that you can make your own easily, melt some chocolate add a little butter and BOOOM, Done!

4- Grab some fresh lobster and steaks. Head to the butcher!! It is worth it to have a great steak and a decent lobster. If you have an air fryer/instant pot even better they are quick; add a baked potato and brocolli and BOOM done. Looks like a lot of work but so easy!

5 – Amazon music and lighting. Hit the lights and tell Alexa to play your favorite hits. If you’ve followed traditions use your christmas lighting to add a special romance or party scene.

New Years Eve in Vegas..How’s that work?

Things are quit different in Sin City these days and the same will be for New Years Eve. The days of the streets being filled with party animals and confetti are over. Here are some things you can do

Tip 1: TAO/MARQUEE/LAVO – I hesitate to write this because I try to be budget friendly, but it is an option if you are looking for that old Sin City feeling. Bottle Service starts for $2,000 Dollars. Unfortunatly you can only have 4/6 people at your table and you cant co-mingle with tables, and no dance floor.

Tip 2: Kiss Off 2020 (at Home) – Vegas will be having a virtual ceremony where a 2020 sign will be blown up (Thankfully right!). Check out the local news for more info! There will be a live stream set up. LVCVA Website has information.

Tip 3: Area 15 is having Illuminate 2021 which will be “out of this world.” It is a great way to get out and have some socially distant fun! Must buy Tickets to attend the event

Tip 4: Giada’s Restaurant in the Cromwell – they have Golden Osetra caviar. I mean that is just fabulous to do on NYE! Wagyu is also on the menu for the night. Id give it $$$ out of $$$$$ so it wont burst your pockets.

Tip 5: Freemont Street costs $25 to get a wristband to get into Freemont and party, if your not scared to get the virus head there for fireworks. There wont be any live music however.

If you want to know the newest COVID Restrictions please see my other Blog Posts.

How to stay out of the COVID Holiday Slump

No one likes a Grinch…especially this time of year, with everything going on I know its easy to get caught up in a pity party. No jobs, isolation and a global pandemic try your best not to feel totally down about the Holidays this year. Here are some tips on how to stay away from the slump this year.

Tip 1: Get out of the house – I know we are in isolation however, take a walk outside. The weather has a great way of making you feel the season. Its great to feel the crisp winter air on your cheeks.

Tip 2: Get a scented candle or air freshner – Dont you just love walking into your home and it smelling like a Merry Mimosa or Marshmello Heaven! This is such an easy tip. Get a seasonal scented candle. It makes it easy to want to get festive when it smells like your mom is making her famous Christmas Cookies in the kitchen. My suggestion is Bath & Body works. There 3 wick candles and wallflowers are amazing but they are very very strong. If you have allergies suggestion- Scentsy Berry and Bright is great.

Tip 3: Go Christmas Decoration Hunting – There is an App for that, if you can believe it! Since so many people are at home this year the Christmas decoration are out of sight this year! Just drive around and hunt them down! Take a late night trip with your significant other and bring some snacks along for the ride!

Tip 4: Fake Fireplace – If you dont really want to decorate this year here is a great way to get cozy. This fireplace ranges in sizes. I have a tiny condo so I bought the smallest one, and let me tell you it brings the holiday cheer without having to fuss with a ton of decorations. Hang your stocking around it and Wal-lha, Feeling FESTIVE!

Tip 5: Bake cookies – When I say bake I mean, go grab the Pilsbury kind thats in the refrigerator section. Already made dough, in ‘cutouts’ with Holiday shapes is an easy activity to do. Grab some cream cheese white frosting, food dye, and invite all your friends (well the entire 10 people you are legally allowed to have in your home) over for a cookie decorating and exchange.

Get a Job Or.. Wait it out? The COVID Job Struggle

A lot of us are in limbo right now; what do we do? With the most unforseen event in the last 100 years COVID has put us in a pickle. Do we wait the pandemic out or get a new job. Which probably entails – cutting off your reliable unemployment (Hopefully its not exhausted), a 3 hour application process, 1-2 hours of interviews, a week of training, a month of working “their” schedule before you can say anything, 6 months without insurance or paid time off, and so on all while not even knowing if your going to have your job in the next few months because everything is so up and down.

Even though it feels like the vaccine is on the horizon, arent we in the age group that wont get it for 2-3 years? WHAT DO WE DO? Heres some helpful hints for what to do.

To Get a New Job:

Tip 1: Resume, I am not going to fool you with the details that you should know, I’m going to tell you what I didnt know until recently.

Elaborate on what you do

EX: if you are a manager – one of your skills should be that you manage whatever number of associates you have. If you do P & L one of your skills should be increasing the margins. If you dont know what P & L is you dont do it so dont worry about it.

Tip 2: Craigslist – I always find good jobs, but make sure to do your homework. It takes 2 seconds to google a company.

Tip 3: Try a new field of work. Some fields will be dead for a while, Restaurants, lounges, bars, try going into retail same customer service and if its high end you get commission aka tips. I call it a concierge for clothing.

Tip 4: Should you take a less paying job?

You should ask yourself these questions: Do I have kids; Do I have debt; How much do I owe monthly; Does my unemployment cover costs without stimulus; Kids daycare costs Vs You; Is anyone close to me vulnerable to the virus? Do I want to move in with my parents? Do I want to? Can I take care of myself? I think those will answer the question. We are all in different places, be honest about where you are so you can figure out where u want to go.

Tip 5: LinkedIn- Just so you know, a lot of people use this as a dating website. I got trapped several times thinking i thought this was a job website but they do have the best job listings.

To Stay Home:

Tip 6: Start your own business – everyone is doing it! Getting a license may be difficult depending on how shut down your state government is! If your a home make clean freak, why not start a maid or lawn service, mobile car wash! Working on your own schedule is nice!

Tip 7: Stay at home if you can – Make sure to stay sane! Start a hobby, plenty of hobbies you can do while sitting on your bum. Dont waste the time, even if its by entering Xbox competitions or finding hot new items on Etsy. Millennials can make a rainbow out of a poop emoji we most can figure out a way to stay busy for a year or 2.

Tip 8: Work from Home!! Im hearing this is possible, haven’t seen it done yet.

Push through Millennials we have been through it all! We can do it! We are the most resilient group of people, we are changing the world one day at a time, lets not become the heathens we want to because “they” aren’t taking care of us and passing a stimulus.

Covid restrictions Las Vegas take two

Still planning your Las Vegas vacation? Here’s some tips for the new restrictions in November/December we have to tell you about so you can have an awesome vacay!

Tip 1: Reservation, Reservation, Reservation!!! You need a reservation to eat at a restaurant book early and if your going to be late or early or add guests; call the restaurant.

Tip 2: No more than 4 to a table. I know it totally bites, but only 4 people to a table cut your party in half if you must.

Tip 3: No more than 50 guests at an event or 25% of capacity whichever is less… so 50 people.

Tip 4: There is a lot of outdoor activities you can do. Book ATV’s, go to the “beach.” Just outside Las Vegas is full of fun outdoor things to do. Lake Las Vegas, lake Meade, Boulder Beach, Red Rock, Mount Charleston, Lee Canyon, and the Hoover Dam.

Tip 5: All “entertainment” at 25% be aware and be sure to call in advance!!! Back to tip 1… reservations, reservations, reservations.

Tip 6: Mask Up! Private function or public area wear your mask! It’s mandated now. Outdoors or in it doesn’t matter anymore. Stay safe and stay with your mask!