The way your bank account set up…Christmas finds!

Here’s some Christmas ideas everyone will love and that’s on everyone’s Black Friday sale.

  1. Air fryer (Macys) – they have a ton of different ones at all different prices starting at $19.99 if ur a real cook I wouldn’t go cheap because everyone swears by them!
  2. slippers and/or pjs (Nordstrom rack) – they have the absolute best designs without being to childish if you catch my drift. They also have these pink Steve Madden criss cross fuzzy slippers.
  3. Xbox controllers (Kohl’s) – best price plus the kohl’s cash! And who are we kidding everyone is a gamer now a days.
  4. puzzles (paper source)- I went with a vintage Christmas puzzle, kept it festive.
  5. heated blanket (macys) – the sunbeam one seems to be the best deal and the best rated
  6. iPhone charger (Best Buy) – no one ever thinks of it but one of the best gifts! I went with the fuzzy Best Buy version.
  7. gingerbread house (Michaels) – a great gift for the host or hostess suggest breaking it out as an activity while waiting for dinner. Bottles of wines are great but u don’t wanna offend anyone try this gift instead!
  8. christmas conversation cards (paper source) – also a great gift to an awesome host/hostess that is always looking for something fun to do with guests.
  9. masterclass – get your loved one an experience instead of something they will never use. I suggest the Gordon Ramsey but there are a ton to choose from have fun!!!!
  10. Lemon Tree (Home Depot or Lowe’s) – perfect idea for anyone!

What to do at home if we shut down again.

here are some things to do in case we shut down again:

  1. Read a book! If your looking for a fun good read try Gucci Mane’s new book, easy read and it’s very interesting.
  2. learn how to cook a new recipe. Go on Pinterest and learn to cook a recipe of something you have in your fridge. Take inventory first. Chop everything early so other ppl can help without getting in the way.
  3. learn a dance routine. There are tons of dance programs online right now. Learn some hip hop or salsa something fun!
  4. Yoga! Take an at home yoga class. So calming and relaxing no yoga Matt needed you can use a towel.
  5. Back to school! Go back to school online of course. So much to learn don’t let anything stop you!
  6. gardening. Plant some shrubs, even if you only have a patio. If you can’t keep anything alive try a cactus or succulent that you basically have to try to kill.
  7. Picnic. Go outside and have a picnic. U can make the sandwiches or buy some from subway. Get a bottle of Stella Rosa my fav wine and enjoy some bae time with ur special bae.
  8. Lake. Lake trip! So much fun! I suggest buying a small boat or something to actually do on the water. Also good to have foldable chairs, canopy, ice chest, and grill.
  9. Make cocktails. Learn how to make a cocktail. Such a fun date night!
  10. Don’t get down on yourself if you do nothing. If you been working all your life you deserve it!!
    enjoy! If you can think of anything else let us know!!!

Exploring Vegas

Hot Springs: Alkali Hot Springs is the closest but there are a ton to choose from. Some are hard to get to but this one is relatively easy and relaxing.

Boulder Beach: On the coast of Lake Mead, a man made beach great for most of the year! You can take your dog to a portion of the park; grill, camp and rent accommodations. Be prepared to back your car up into a rocky beach. You can also rent boats/jet ski’s, grab something to eat and drink at the restaurant.

Lake Las Vegas: Beautiful sights along the man made lake. Outdoor dining, light shopping along with lake activities like kayaking and paddle boating. There is a Hilton and Westin with decent restaurants inside.

Mission Hills Trail: Almost into Boulder City there is a trail called mission hills trail that you can walk, bring your animals, park in the parking lot and head on your way. Lots of traffic at this spot great place to meet up with a group.

Boulder City: Historic Boulder City is a must. The Pit Stop has the ultimate burger for any traveler, I suggest getting the turkey burger with sautéed mushrooms and fries. If your into breakfast you can go to the Tea Cup – a restaurant featured on the Food Networks Diners Drive-ins and Dives. Do some antiquing and then head back home.

Bars & Restaurants

Golden Tiki: Dive bar, but awesome drinks and a good atmosphere. Very different from the strip.

American Italian Club: Such a great atmosphere for dinner. You should dress up when going here. its the perfect old school place to have a wonderful dinner.

Gamers Paradise: This is actually a store, with old video games in it. Its really fun to look into the past if you get a chance might as well.

Hugos Cellar: Wonderful and expensive. Worth it if you hit a casino for an extra $200.