Nike Exec Bankrolls Sons Shoe Re-Sell Company with her Discount and Credit Card

If you haven’t heard a Nike executives 19 year old son was busted for buying over $100,000 of shoes in her name with her discount. He used her Amex card to charge thousands of pairs of limited addition kicks. If we haven’t heard enough stories of privilege this year add one to the list. As an avid shoe collector and consigner over the years the change in the market has not gone unnoticed. For years it seemed as though no matter what you did you could not get your hands on exclusive and/or limited addition shoes anywhere but from a reseller. Winning a shoe lottery (that just gets you in the door) has been like catching a unicorn since 2010 and now we know why and yes all the conspiracy theories are true, the system is rigged. The shift in the market over the last 7 years has really done it a disservice. What started as a great way to make a few dollars while collecting and consigning shoes has now turned into a money grab where only the bots survive and Nike executive sons get their hands on coveted shoes. If Nike is controlling the game then the real losers are us, the consumers. We are then forced to purchase an outrageous expensive shoe that we can not get from the store at the actual price because Nike executives are making sure their sons get them, resell them, and make a profit. This scandal makes me want to be reimbursed for every moment I opened my Snkrs app and didn’t win a raffle. Let’s all wait and see what Nike has to say, the Nike executive has since resigned, we will be on the lookout for a comment from Nike.