Millennial Dating in Quarantine

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As if it wasn’t hard enough to date as a millennial, now in quarantine its so much harder. As Millennials, we are not tied to the standard timeline of our parents, we are waiting longer to get married and have children, but to wait until after the never ending quarantine seems impossible. Heres some positives and easy ways to find your “lobster” during this pandemic.

If you want to date, date. If your uncomfortable being in person with people use social media. Everyone knows someone that has gotten married from a dating site. Download them all don’t let the world make you feel thirsty, we have the time to right now to actually meticulously look for your perfect match.

Do not be afraid to make the first move. If you find someones personality stimulating on Twitter, why not take your shot you miss 90% of the shots you don’t take. Have confidence, know what you have to offer and be available and open to your blessings. If he/she swipes right or slides in your DM’s. Give them a chance. What do you have to lose. Maybe you wont fall in love with that person but that person can connect you with someone you will.

Social distancing can be good for a relationship in many ways. If you have just started dating it gives you a great chance to get to know one another. It feels more like in middle school, when you would fall asleep on the phone together or argue about who should hang up first. You don’t have to get NS-17 with anything just really get to know someone on an emotional level.

With the future so uncertain it is hard to begin something new or even want to, however this is the perfect time to start a relationship in my opinion. Now is a chance to understand what is important to someone. Are they out every night with no mask and partying, and is that what you want? Or are they at there parents being safe and learning to cook, is that what you want? What do you want for your future. Finding someone with similar values as you is easier in a pandemic because you are more apt to discuss things of that nature.

Its a true test of love, but don’t get down and keep your eyes open for your blessings!