2021 Blues Already

Just ignore the negative vibes that are out here and lets continue to try and get these Resolutions accomplished. Here are some tips on how to make sure you actually start and complete your news years resolutions!

Tip 1 – Dont make the resolution to unattainable. If your goal is to workout, start with a walk.

Tip 2 – Get an Agenda. Organization is a way to keep the anxiety at bay. Get a paper journal or just tell Alexa.

Tip 3 – Turn off the News. Basically we are all sick of it. Its to much! Cant take it! Make sure to continue to get your google updates or whatever have you in case something really goes down but other than that. TURN THAT JUNK OFF!

Tip 4 – Social Media pause. Take a week off from peering into other peoples lives and sometimes not feeling so great about your own. Take some time off, to appreciate your life and actually live it.

Tip 5 – Donate your time. Do some charity, even if its with your family. Especially if it is with your family. Hang out with your little cousin, take out your aunties trash and bring her a donate. Or go to your local dog shelter and sit with dogs; drop food off, there are a million ways to help. Healing starts from within!

Good luck this year surviving the Blues!


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