2021 Got Me Like

2020 may have been one of the weirdest years ever! Heading into 2021, lets do some things different! Lets be realistic with our resolutions this year. When we say we are going to workout everyday lets be realistic and count walking as working out. Walking your dog is exercise and dont you forget it! Lets not get to down on ourselves, we all have experienced a year that was completely out of our control. Lets stay realistic for the new year to come. If you want to be healthier this year instead of cutting out carbs and sugars, lets start by not drinking soda, or changing our daily cinnamon dolce latte to a green tea (better yet lets find a good tasting green tea!). Lets do things like attend school just because we have the time, get another degree…maybe now you are eligible for FASFA.

Circumstances have changed since the shut down, dont forget that.. lets stop thinking the pandemic will end tomorrow and start thinking about what you can do with your new circumstances. Like I said lets use this year to not get down on ourselves, we can build! Take this year to ignore the instagram fabulous and just do you. Something makes you special find that. Now that we know jobs, life and money are fleeting lets work on ourselves.

Heres to 2021! CHEERS!