Gucci Mane Vs. Jeezy

So we are here for it! Take us back to the 2000 when all we thought was gonna happen was the end of the world… Verzus out did themselves with this one. If you don’t know the back story here it is:

After recording So Icy together Young Jeezy allegedly sent his friend to go kill Gucci Mane – now there are other stories I heard it was about a girl and Jeezy wasn’t involved and i watched a murder ID about it and it said he was cleared but this is how the story goes allegedly. Gucci Mane killed Jeezys friend and got off with a self defense charge. Yes he later went to jail for parole violations etc.

first! I loved Gucci’s energy if Jeezy really did that I bet he feels lucky as heck! And a millionaire. Second.. Jeezy won however I question it… 2 cds was all he played and how can you meet up with someone that killed your friend? That’s a sell out move… not enough money in the world! So thirdly Gucci won cuz he’s the realest in it and that was obvious! It was a battle they were suppose to talk crap as for who was the better man… Gucci mane wins that battle hands down. Marrying some girl from the view and buying real estate won’t change that.