The way your bank account set up…Christmas finds!

Here’s some Christmas ideas everyone will love and that’s on everyone’s Black Friday sale.

  1. Air fryer (Macys) – they have a ton of different ones at all different prices starting at $19.99 if ur a real cook I wouldn’t go cheap because everyone swears by them!
  2. slippers and/or pjs (Nordstrom rack) – they have the absolute best designs without being to childish if you catch my drift. They also have these pink Steve Madden criss cross fuzzy slippers.
  3. Xbox controllers (Kohl’s) – best price plus the kohl’s cash! And who are we kidding everyone is a gamer now a days.
  4. puzzles (paper source)- I went with a vintage Christmas puzzle, kept it festive.
  5. heated blanket (macys) – the sunbeam one seems to be the best deal and the best rated
  6. iPhone charger (Best Buy) – no one ever thinks of it but one of the best gifts! I went with the fuzzy Best Buy version.
  7. gingerbread house (Michaels) – a great gift for the host or hostess suggest breaking it out as an activity while waiting for dinner. Bottles of wines are great but u don’t wanna offend anyone try this gift instead!
  8. christmas conversation cards (paper source) – also a great gift to an awesome host/hostess that is always looking for something fun to do with guests.
  9. masterclass – get your loved one an experience instead of something they will never use. I suggest the Gordon Ramsey but there are a ton to choose from have fun!!!!
  10. Lemon Tree (Home Depot or Lowe’s) – perfect idea for anyone!