Step by Step Virtual Bridal Shower

Step 1: Pick a date and time.

Step 2: Pick a theme. My theme – Final Fiesta; Suggestions: Final Flamingo, Palm Springs, Sailing into Marriage;

Step 3: Guest List – all invites addresses; Suggestions: Make sure to send first invitation a month ahead of time.


Step 4: Invitations Sugestions: I used – i loved the way the invite turned out. I included hand cut confetti to go with the theme. Make sure to have a date where they RSVP.

Step 5: Gather party favors for guests and Bride. It is important to make guests feel like they are together. Make sure the Bridal Package is special. Heres what mine looked like.

Bridal Package
  • Bridal Tea (Marshalls), Moracca, Colorful Mustache, disposable straw, (4) Games, Marker for Games, Bridal Bingo Pieces, Hand Cut Confetti Bridal Bag: (All of the above) White Bridal Authentic Mexican Hand Woven Shirt; Bridal Crown.

Step 6: Choose some Bridal games and activities. Suggestions: Bridal Bingo; What was the Brides Age; He Said, She Said; Who knows the couple best. I made mine but target has some you can buy.

Step : Set Up the Video Call

Step 7: Make an itenary. Write out an itenerary of bridal games and activities. What game is first; second; also include a “table of contents” for what will be in each package, with a quick introduction to what you will be doing etc.

Step : Mail each package; cost me about $21 for 15 guests

Step : Use your props from your package, go through the itenerary; keep in under an hr thirty minutes.