3 Things to take your air fryer to the next level

Here are some tips on a way to make your amazing air fryer even more amazing. These few inexpensive things will save you time and give you all the deliciousness your used too.

Pam EVOO Cooking Oil Spray (coconut oil/vegetable also available) – if you fry a lot of items in your airfryer you know you have to spray oil generously in order to get the best crisp. This spray bottle makes is soooo easy. Just $4.99 in your local grocery store it’s a must have and then just buy EVOO (or your prefered oil) and refill.

Air fryer Parchment Paper – if the air fryer wasn’t already easy enough, the ultimate in no stick easy clean up. You can find this on Amazon, it fits perfectly in the airfare and has holes for the heat to go through. This is a must have!!!

Grease Dripping container – Even if the air fryer doesn’t have that much grease use this little contraption to store it. It’s perfect and then in the shape of the pig, find it on Amazon.

The Pass Casino a New Henderson (Las Vegas) Casino

Located on the historic water street in Henderson, Nevada 20 minutes to the east of Las Vegas there’s a new Casino in town! Formerly the Eldorado a Henderson staple sitting directly across from the Rainbow Club Casino and Next door to the Brand new Henderson Lifeguard arena will soon reopen as The Pass Casino; things seem to be moving in a positive way for one of the safest cities in the country. It’s not a total renovation but there will be two brand new bars, a new banquet room, a renovated cafe, and new Italian restaurant. What we are most excited about is the sports book which will actually be from Circa hotel & casino and I am totally digging the downtown Las Vegas/Henderson connection so smart! Also the new fine dining restaurant located inside, if you remember Spiedini that was previously located in the Marriott with the famous master chef Gustav will be writing the menu, it’s sure to be tasty! Looking to give Henderson a bit of an upgrade is an understatement and we are here for it!

Spring Preserves Re-Opens: a Las Vegas Treasure

Pulled from the reviewjournal.com

If you have not been to the beautiful desert oasis of 180 acres attraction located on the south side of Las Vegas now is the perfect time. It’s not only family friendly, it’s a great place to go alone or just with your significant other with tons of outdoor & indoor fun for just about anyone. The Preserves have been closed since March last year and will reopen March 19th. The state museum which is located at the preserve will also be opening on March 20th. There are timed entry tickets that start at 9am – 3pm with members having an hour early access to tickets at 8am. Indoor areas, including the Origen Museum, Gift Shop and Nature Exchange, remain temporarily closed. Masks are mandatory and capacity rules apply so you have must make a reservation. Tickets are just $5.00 it’s worth the trip!

All Star Weekend in Atlanta: Places to Visit when in the Peach State

Olympic Park

NBA All Star weekend was held in Atlanta this weekend. Here’s all the coolest places to check out on your next visit!! And some tips from locals to keep your vacation stress free.


Westin Atlanta – location makes this the number 1 choice, right beside the sky view Ferris wheel and tons of nightlife and great food.

The American – location, location, location… and an amazingly beautiful modern architectural masterpiece.

The W – all you need to know is the pool is on the roof, and if you don’t know then you just don’t know.

BIGGEST TIP: park in your hotels garage, make sure it is secure. Try not to park on the street or in an area that is not watched. UBER!!! Clubs cost $5-30 dollars on a regular night. If you are COVID nervous this is NOT the city for you, very little mask mandating indoors.

Georgia Aquarium – they have sharks, sea lions and penguins just to name a few and it’s gigantic! If your looking for something fun for your girls or your family this is the perfect spot. Right outside is Olympic Park (which is closed right now) and the Coca-Cola museum, perfect for a stroll outdoors.

Atlanta Zoo – the perfect place to enjoy the Georgia weather!! Great exhibits just make sure to get there early most days it closes at 330 because of covid.

Martin Luther King Jr church – historic and an amazing area to reflect.

Atlanta Georgia

College Football Hall of Fame – lots to do, and very interactive! I got to throw footballs and i had a blast!

Popular Restaurants:

Escobar – 2 chains restaurant, get there early. It’s more like a club on the weekends and after 5.

Breakfast at Barney’s- beautiful small brunch spot, make a reservation and if you can’t get in head down the street to Graffiti Lounge – they have great food!

2 Licks- Grab you some Salmon chips if you like capers you will nose definitely love it

Las Vegas Re-Opening: What you can do now

It’s happening!!! Things are opening up in Las Vegas and we are ecstatic! This weekend marked the beginning of pool season and our pools our open! Shows and entertainment are back with Life is beautiful slated for September and numerous live shows having audiences. Even the Golden Knights have let in fans for the first time in a year. Here are all the things you can get into right now in Vegas, Oh and March 1 we moved to 50% occupancy everywhere, it’s almost official we are OPEN!

POOLS – Hakkasan (Wet Republic, Liquid), Cosmo Pool, Encore Beach Club – go to my previous post for specifics.

SHOWS – Live Shows can now have 100 guests and/or 50% occupancy

Jabawokees, Carrot Top, brad Garrett comedy club, Thunder down under, Fantasy, MJ Live, Life is Beautiful (Festival)

SPORTS – they are allowing guests

NHL Golden Knights, Aviators (Baseball opens May)

ENJOY!!! Have fun and be safe!

Nike Exec Bankrolls Sons Shoe Re-Sell Company with her Discount and Credit Card

If you haven’t heard a Nike executives 19 year old son was busted for buying over $100,000 of shoes in her name with her discount. He used her Amex card to charge thousands of pairs of limited addition kicks. If we haven’t heard enough stories of privilege this year add one to the list. As an avid shoe collector and consigner over the years the change in the market has not gone unnoticed. For years it seemed as though no matter what you did you could not get your hands on exclusive and/or limited addition shoes anywhere but from a reseller. Winning a shoe lottery (that just gets you in the door) has been like catching a unicorn since 2010 and now we know why and yes all the conspiracy theories are true, the system is rigged. The shift in the market over the last 7 years has really done it a disservice. What started as a great way to make a few dollars while collecting and consigning shoes has now turned into a money grab where only the bots survive and Nike executive sons get their hands on coveted shoes. If Nike is controlling the game then the real losers are us, the consumers. We are then forced to purchase an outrageous expensive shoe that we can not get from the store at the actual price because Nike executives are making sure their sons get them, resell them, and make a profit. This scandal makes me want to be reimbursed for every moment I opened my Snkrs app and didn’t win a raffle. Let’s all wait and see what Nike has to say, the Nike executive has since resigned, we will be on the lookout for a comment from Nike.

Top Pools/dayclubs to Visit in Las Vegas

We can’t really call them dayclubs anymore more like day-lounging. Here are the top pools you have to see even in a pandemic. Most dayclubs are Friday – Sunday and are under some capacity restrictions until further notice.

  1. Stadium Swim (Crica) – the newest kid on the block boasts the biggest and baddest pool around. With gigantic televisions screens on all sides you can’t miss this soon to be favorite spot for all Las Vegas pool goers.
  2. Wet Republic (MGM) – with no Rehab this year we are calling it a WAP summer with a Wet And Republic Vegas all summer long.
  3. Boulevard pool (Cosmo) – cosmopolitan rooftop experience that’s been a staple in years past with its dome or no dome depending on the season.. it’s sure to give you the thrills your looking for with a beautiful view of the city. They also have dive in movies.
  4. Encore Beach Club (Wynn/Encore) – a pool paradise that is a favorite to a who’s who in town. Probably the best location and the easiest to social distance if your into that!
  5. Daylight (Mandalay Bay) – head to the beginning of the strip to this Lux pool and lounge in style.
  6. Go Pool (flamingo)- Actually open on Mondays!!! Head to margarita Monday’s from the original mobster casino.
  7. Citrus Pool (the D) – 2020 gold winner for best hotel pool downtown it’s bright and Instagram worthy.

Las Vegas Day Pools – Memorial Day Weekend

Break out your quarentini’s Las Vegas is open for Memorial Day weekend. If you thought the beach club wouldn’t survive your wrong; they have pivoted into more of lounges. Safety being the number 1 priority in this new world, new Vegas has virtual menus, masked bikini cocktail waitresses, virtual pool tours if you want to see before you go and limited capacity cabanas. Yes we are sad to see the packed cabanas with people standing on couches but for now you will be limited to 6 guests per cabana. You can no longer walk up to the bar and order, but relax you wanted to stay by the pool anyway. As of now there are no big name DJ’s scheduled as dancing is not encouraged. The distinguished “guest list” may also be extinct as reservations are required and general admission will be an exception rather than a rule. If you have hit up your usual promoter you might find out they have left Vegas for greener pastures, or had a recent career change. Prices range from $400 for a day bed to $2000 for a grand cabana.

Opening Dates:

Daylight Beach – March 5

EBC Pool- March 5

The Pool Marquee – March 5

Wet Republic – March 5 ($250 daybeds & saltwater pool)

Tao Beach – Closed for renovations

Citrus Pool – TBD

Sahara Pool – TBD

Top 4 Casinos/Hotels to Visit and feel Safe at in Las Vegas

We won’t be putting some of your old favorites on here, just the ones that the experience is fun without leaving you feeling like you need a hot shower to hop into the hotel bed because it was so packed or not socially distant.

1- Sahara – a local favorite it has all the experience of social distance fun! The way the games are spaced leaves you feeling very safe while being one of the few places they don’t have plexiglass around the table games.
2- the Wynn – they have the highest standard of service on the strip hands down! Great shopping and dining, they do a great job at making you feel welcome and good energy. Not only that but it’s the only casino that has paid its employees thru the entire quarantine.
3- Caesar’s – ok so we did put one old favorite on here. Can’t go wrong with one of the originals. But mostly there is a ton of things to do at this casino and it’s gorgeous so that’s why they made the list. You constantly see people wiping down machines, which is a good thing!
4- Vdara – just looking for a cool hotel without having the responsibility or pressure of gambling. Directly in the middle of town location is great! Not packed with a million people (probably because no gambling) and it’s location is great for places to eat and shop.

occupancy has just increased! And we are getting ready for an awesome Memorial Day weekend safely!!!

Relaxed COVID restrictions in Las Vegas

Finally something positive to say about COVID restrictions, Las Vegas has made it a little easier to enjoy the strip. Firstly Thanks to the people of Las Vegas for getting the COVID rate down enough to make these changes. The governor announced last week that guests will no longer need reservations to visit a restaurant. Also uping the capacity in general from 25% to 35%. Private events have moved from 10 to 50 guests. March 1 private events will be allowed for up to 125 guests. Finally! Not only that but the Golden Knights will be trying to open its games up to fans! That means jobs for Nevada! Things are going on the right direction! Omnia And Wet Republic open in March! No dancing, no more than 6 guests at a table, reservations required, and virtual menus are the changes I have seen. So head on to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend!!! We Are Open! I will have your Las Vegas Memorial Day Guide out this week and don’t forget to visit Letzgitit.com for more Las Vegas Info